Organic Sausage 500 gr.



At the time of my grandparents, I wouldn’t enter the house on the highland. The milkman used to distribute milk on his mule, starting from our house. I used to follow him and sneak into his barn to take his donkey for a ride around.

At that time, there wasno artificial feed; cows used to wander freely during the daytime, return home by themselves in the evening, and drink pure water. Then, they were milked at night. When I starteddoing organic agriculture, I asked myself what has changed to make us like this.We have read, traveled, asked, and listened to our Yoruk elders for a long time. We have learned and we continue to learn.While we were worryingthat our egg, milk, and meat turnout decreasedafter not feeding our animals with special hormone-reinforced chemicals, we noticedthat the quality of our products increased. We accepted that our ladies layeggs when they feel like it and not one for e each day.Our bulls didnot grow in 5 months and our chickens didnot grow in 40 days; however, we were happy that you and our animals were happy.

After the eggs, chickens, and sujuk, now we have decidedto make homemade sausage upon your request. After successfultrial production,we consumed our homemade sausage with pleasure, and frankly, we consumed a lot of it.☺It seems wehave missed eating sausages…

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