Organic Products Beef Tenderloin (500g)


We are at your service with the new deliverable product of Seyyahın Çiftliği… Our bulls are never fattened to produce fast and a great amount of meat… We do not enjoy any additives that are used as fattening feed to get the fastest and highest turnout… If you ask how we feed them, here is the answer: 🙂 First of all, we offer all of our animals (chickens and cows) ideal living standards. Of course, they have a semi-open barn and coop; however, we provide them with a free environment by allowing them to enter and leave their barn and coop at their sole discretion. We provide them with almost the same environment as that of their ancestors, bison.We aimed to provide them with a better quality of life instead of expecting more milk and meat from them. Even though it causes a much lower product amount than common standards, we accept this situation with pleasure because this is the highest amount possible based on their nature. Therefore, they are happy too. For example, as we use heirloom seeds, we can only harvest 400 kg of corn from 1,000 square meters instead of 1,500 kg. After feeding our cows with the same corn, those that gave 30 liters of milk when they ate hybrid and GMO corn reduced their milk to around 10 liters.This is also true for the turnout in meat and eggs. During summer, they wander around the pasture under our control on a 300,000 square meter land that has an organic certificate. And when it snows in winter, they consume what we planted, harvested, and stored from heirloom seeds during summer. As our gratitude to the soil, we donate fermented manures to it; thus, we make sustainable production without external dependence. As a result, we have become happy cows-bulls and happy consumers… The products of our animals, which continue their lives without being persecuted, come to your door without breaking the cold chain… A big bon appétitto all of us! Stay healthy…

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