Organic Sujuk 500 gr



Rather than bulls that are normally fattened in barns and slaughtered in a short time, we have bulls that have never fastened up, areraised in the open air and cold climateby listening to folk songs, and are fed with the feed we cultivate to meet their protein, energy, and roughage needs. They have organic certificates or they are within the certification process… Therefore, it takes almost 1.5 years longer for them to be ready for slaughter…

However, their delicious taste, and of course healthy content make you feel at ease… It is difficult to utilize raw meat as it requires several procedures so we decided to make sujuk and sausage 2 years ago.What is more, we did this without adding weight enhancers, chemicals, or substances for extended shelf life so please put them into your freezer as soon as you get them. We will continue to be at healthy tables as long as possible.

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As in every farm, bulls should be slaughtered after a certain period of time. Although we are bonding with our cows for many years, bulls do not bond much as they are a bit irritable. After a shallower chat, the time for slaughter comes for them. After all, they are a part of the male population!😊

While we were thinkingabout what to do with the precious meat of our bulls, we decided to make sujuk, which I have been longing for as it has been forbidden from our house for many years.

We never use mixed spices with chemical preservatives in our sujuk, we carefully select spices with organic certificatesand make a nice mixture with themusing the garlic we plant on our own farm. Since our sujuk containsno preservatives, its lifespan is not months or years.

But since half of a coilis consumed in one sitting, there is no worry about its expiration date.

We don’t do heavy seasoning so you can get the taste of the meat. We have been guests smiling in your kitchens with our sujuk scentedwith the excellent smell of garlic.