Organic Butter 300 Gr



We produce our organic certified milk only from our cows grazing on our own farm and pasture, without collecting it from other farms. Then we bring our milk down to our delicatessen kitchen in the city without breaking the cold chain, and make yogurt under the control of a food engineer. Afterward, we make Churned Butter… The open kitchen of our delicatessen allows you to see all processes and our hygiene standards transparently. We also have shipping service to anywhere in Turkey 😇.Bon appétitto all of us! ☘ 🥰

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I felt a slight tightness in my chest. Just in case, we rushed to the hospital from the top of the mountains. After several medical examinations, my doctor, a friend of mine,laughed and said, “Eat less butter”, putting us at ease. Please don’t eat 100g butter a day like me because enough is as good as a feast. But I unintentionally managed to produce thebutter in my childhood. First, we make yogurt with milk, then we pour the yogurt into the churning machine and wait for it to be churned. Then, we separate the butter that floats on the churned yogurt, and finally,wash and pack the butter in glass jars.

Let’s be careful as it makes you eat your head off in the mornings with delicious eggs along withhoney on nicely toasted bread.