Organic Curd Cheese 1 kg



It is obvious that eating is one of the most beautiful blessings and pleasures in the world…The loss of essence resulting from the complete industrialization of food and agricultural activities brings along many health problems…Expecting more meat, fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs from them confronts us with the fact that the healing properties of plants and animals have been lost and they even cause diseases…We wish you to be more careful about your diet at this time when hormonal disorders, obesity, infertility, cancer types, viral infections, and various genetic disorders are at their peak level… We wish all patients, those who cannot sleep because of their pain, and their relatives who are deeply in sorrow because of the pain of their beloved ones a lot of patience and big prayers for healing.We have been with you for 4 years with our clean, drug-free, hormone-free products.

We will continue to be with you as long as possible…

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