Organic Products Organic Kashar Cheese 500g



We have bargained away hundreds of liters of milk for creating you, our kashar cheese… They said, “You can’t produce without chemical substances.Why even bother?” We have employed several chefs. Some of them even recommended using lye or hydrochloric acid and so on… Thanks to Ahmet, a 9-year-old boy who was receiving chemotherapy, I decided to produce you.He wanted stretchy cheese, but his doctor restrictedhim from eating it because of the chemicals in it😔.I couldn’tuse additives even in accepted amounts of organic standardsbecause manysick people likeAhmet or Ayşe would consume our kashar cheese. It took almost 3 months to get to learnhow to make you.And even harderwasthe paperwork, my dear kashar cheese… Fortunately, we overcame all the obstacles one by one. We couldn’t save the world, but we made Ahmet smile. I love you so much my beautiful cheese 🥰… I’m so glad that I didn’t give up on you, I didn’t leave you. The prototype of our packaging will hit the shelves in a week’s time, and people will benefit from our kashar cheese. Bon appétitto all of us!

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We have endless stories…

While we were barely getting used to egg production on the top of the mountain where we went with the dream of writing and translating articles, a mother and a father having a big heart, whose son was seriously ill, approached us saying, “Our son wants to eat stretchy cheese”. Just as we were trying to explain that we don’t know how to produce it, we simply set off with a stern but heart-warming command: “Please learn then”. This is also how the story of our milk actually started. By hook or by crook, we succeeded in making stretchycheese without using any colorants, flavorants, or preservatives, including those allowed by the standards of organic production. We could only be this happy if we saved the world. We have been guests smiling at your table, containing nothing except rock salt and the semolina yeast of our own production.