Organic Chicken Soup 320 gr


We boil our organic certified chickens for hours, remove their meat, and put them in jars with their broth in a well-balanced way. We do not add any additives to them, not even salt. Since we produce in small amounts and do not stockpile, there is no need for additives.We use 425 CC glass jars and we do not deal with plastic at any stage.

If you wish, you can use 660 CC glass jars as well, but we have set the standard as 440 CC for a single portion.By taking it out of the jar and heating it well, it becomes a healing soup with lots of garlic, lemon juice, and spices to your taste.Anothersuggestion from usis to make chicken rice by pouring it into your rice with chickpeas. It tastes delicious with lots of garlic tzatziki. Bon appétitto all of us!


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