Shipping and Transportation Information
Allorders from Seyyahın Çiftliği are delivered to our customers by cargo. There are a few points to be considered when the cargo company delivers your order.

How should I take the delivery of the cargo package?

The cargo company would want to deliver and leave the product as soon as possible because of their race against the clock, but there is a sensitive issue here. The cargo record should not be signed before taking the delivery. Please check the condition of your product box before signing the cargo record. If there is any damage to the box for any reason, please return your box to the cargo officer for a report without signing any documents related to the delivery. We will immediately send you new products. Seyyahın Çiftliği is not responsible for any damage or shortage of the products inside the box if the delivery ofa damaged box is taken.

Is there any deformation in the delivered package?

If you suspect that there is any deformation or damage to the products inside the package delivered by the cargo company, please open the package in front of the cargo officer and check the physical condition of your order before signing the cargo record. If you do not see any problem, please sign the cargo record. If you believe that the products in the box have been damaged in any way, please do not accept the products and request a cargo damage report from the cargo officer. (Please do not accept the products that have suchreports. The products must be returned to Seyyahın Çiftliği.) The products with a damage report will be exchanged and re-shipped to you.

Broken, crushed, defective or damaged delivery

The cargo company’s duty is to safely and correctly deliver the products you purchase from Seyyahın Çiftliği. If there is any damage to the product, you can go to the cargo branch and file a report. Your product will be exchanged immediately after it reaches us with the report you filed.